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A Day without Sadness by LostHeart-EmtpySoul A Day without Sadness :iconlostheart-emtpysoul:LostHeart-EmtpySoul 0 0 A Million Years of Hope by LostHeart-EmtpySoul A Million Years of Hope :iconlostheart-emtpysoul:LostHeart-EmtpySoul 1 0 Chemistry of My Heart by LostHeart-EmtpySoul Chemistry of My Heart :iconlostheart-emtpysoul:LostHeart-EmtpySoul 0 0 The Problems and The Emotions by LostHeart-EmtpySoul The Problems and The Emotions :iconlostheart-emtpysoul:LostHeart-EmtpySoul 0 0 Waiting... by LostHeart-EmtpySoul Waiting... :iconlostheart-emtpysoul:LostHeart-EmtpySoul 30 8 Come to the light by LostHeart-EmtpySoul Come to the light :iconlostheart-emtpysoul:LostHeart-EmtpySoul 21 18 Rem Tokimiya wig by LostHeart-EmtpySoul Rem Tokimiya wig :iconlostheart-emtpysoul:LostHeart-EmtpySoul 2 5 Rem Tokimiya Cosplay by LostHeart-EmtpySoul Rem Tokimiya Cosplay :iconlostheart-emtpysoul:LostHeart-EmtpySoul 4 9
War for the Dead Chapter 1
It's been three weeks since Mina Delaney died from a hit and run. The poor girl was so traumatized from dying that she didn't leave the house for a week. It took her grandmother almost dragging her to the doctor's office to snap her out of the fear.  She was realizing that nothing really seemed to change other than the fact that she was dead.
Mina sighed as she walked to the park. The sun was setting and the once busy town was slowing to a stop for the day. For the past two weeks Mina would go and talk to the man who gave her the deal. His name was Jeremy and even though he seemed very serious at first he was actually quite clumsy and not the brightest person in the world. While trying to get her out of her solitary confinement he ended up accidentally knocking her out of the second story window, not helping her emotional state at all.
Even though she found him to be a bit annoying, he was the only one she could talk to about death. Sometime he would come with another girl na
:iconlostheart-emtpysoul:LostHeart-EmtpySoul 0 6
War for the Dead Prologue
The sound of a car screeching could be heard down the street followed by a sickening crash. A very angry teenage girl jumped out of the way as the car made impact with something. "Watch where your going, you lunatic!" the girl screamed watching the car drive off. Confusion swept over her as she wondered what the loud crash was and looked down. Her eyes went wide in horror as she looked at her own dead body. Her mind was racing and she couldn't help but feel sick. She was dead? How was she dead?! She felt pain at first but thought it was from hitting the ground, not getting hit by a car. Why wasn't she going to heaven? Was there no heaven? All these thoughts filled her as she fell to her knees sobbing. This couldn't be the end it just couldn't be.
"Mina Delaney, eighteen years old. Killed by a hit and run. Tragic isn't it?" a male's voice said behind her. Mina turned around still sobbing wondering how the guy was talking to her. Maybe he was an angel sent down to get her,
:iconlostheart-emtpysoul:LostHeart-EmtpySoul 1 4
Running. That's all she seemed like she was doing. She ran as fast as she could everything a blur knowing the awful truth. She ran into the gym with a crash and could instantly smell blood. She knew it too well, her heart dropped. Walking in slowly hearing nothing but her own footsteps she looked over the battlefield. The victims in the bleachers all dead, just like her old life. She didn't even turn toward it, she just stared ahead. Observing each body tears streamed down. She couldn't be alone, she just couldn't. He promised her, he promised he would live. Seeing the liar she fell to her knees. Her soul was fading, there was no more hope. She wrapped her arms around the last thing that kept her in this damned world and sobbed. Horrific, terrible mournful sobs. There was no more life for her on this horrible forsaken planet. She held onto him tight staining her entire body with his red. She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up. Her eyes were now lying to her as the deceased offer
:iconlostheart-emtpysoul:LostHeart-EmtpySoul 1 0
Don't Go
There was once a boy who was born in the dark
He was raised in the shadows to fear the light
He wanted to get out but the scars wouldn't let him
So he remained silent with all that he feared
He was cold and distant as they all fled
All he needed was a little help
No one ever saw it until it was too late
So he left without a warning to the valley of death
There was once a girl who was born in the light
She was raised in the glow to stay away from the dark
She carried a shadow with her that no one knew
So she remained silent with all that she feared
She was quiet and shy in the chaos around
She never knew how to ask for help
No one ever knew until it was too late
So she left without a warning to the valley of death
One day they met with both of their fears
He told her to stay away and that he was a shadow of death
She told him about her demons that strangled her words
So they remained silent with all that they feared
She couldn't find a way to get out her words
He turned away to put dist
:iconlostheart-emtpysoul:LostHeart-EmtpySoul 3 1
I can't do this.
I can't stand this.
Every second
Every minute
Time just ticking slowly away
I know I'm not good enough
I know I'll never be able to release these thoughts
All I want to do is be noticed
Is that too much?
Will I always be overshadowed?
Will these white lies become my only friends?
I can't take this.
I need someone.
The world is suffocating me slowly
I can't breathe
Each night these dreams taunt me
The reason why I hate him
She'll just say get over it
What if no one will love me?
I'm not pretty
I'm disgusting
I'm too shy
I don't know who I am
How do I make this stop
The only thing that helps
Is the one who exists in my dreamland
But he won't be real
He already is
He's gone off
Leaving me behind
If I go will the angels take me?
Will I find true love in death?
I can't make it stop
I just want this to end
The cycle happens again
I can't do this anymore
I want someone to save me
But they don't exist
I need to be found
I'm drowning out here
These shadows are getting closer
:iconlostheart-emtpysoul:LostHeart-EmtpySoul 2 8
Damen Hawthorne by LostHeart-EmtpySoul Damen Hawthorne :iconlostheart-emtpysoul:LostHeart-EmtpySoul 0 0
Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long hair
The world treated you unfair
Now your in despair
Rapunzel, Rapunzel your prince has arrived
We'll both make the dive
Tonight we'll feel alive
:iconlostheart-emtpysoul:LostHeart-EmtpySoul 5 0
Suicide Wars Intro
Damen stood in a field not knowing how he got to this place, There were many different flowers, mostly blue, every square inch of this field. The sky shone a silver color as the clouds hid the sun like a blanket. He heard water in the distance and turned around. Standing teen feet away was a girl, she had long chocolate brown hair that flowed in the wind. Her back was facing him but something about her mesmerized him. She noticed his presence  and started turning slowly. Her eyes were a brown color but something was wrong with them, they looked empty.
Damen shuddered as her hollow eyes pierced his soul. Another adjective floated through his mind to describe her unusual eyes. Dead. Her pale lips moved into words but he couldn't hear them. He watched in horror as her pale body took a step backward to where the field abruptly stopped followed by a six story drop. She looked up at him her eyes having a sense of plead.
Damen took a step foreword as something wrapped itself around
:iconlostheart-emtpysoul:LostHeart-EmtpySoul 1 1


Couples - poses chart by AonikaArt Couples - poses chart :iconaonikaart:AonikaArt 33,592 985 Female Rope Pack 1 - Pose Reference by SenshiStock Female Rope Pack 1 - Pose Reference :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 1,307 68 Dual Blades at Rest - Pose Reference by SenshiStock Dual Blades at Rest - Pose Reference :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 1,196 87 Baby griffin by Pendalune Baby griffin :iconpendalune:Pendalune 23 28 Green Dragon by Strecno Green Dragon :iconstrecno:Strecno 217 25 Baby dragon by ElenaDudina Baby dragon :iconelenadudina:ElenaDudina 8,328 1,197 Needle Felted Green Dragon by tallydragon Needle Felted Green Dragon :icontallydragon:tallydragon 4,477 869
Notes from a Glen Keane lecture
Enjoy! He was such a wonderful and lovely person to listen to and meet. I got to see him draw Tarzan, Ariel and Beast. I got to go to a company event, so he shook my hand signed my Tangled book and chatted about what I did for a living and stuff I been working on.
- You want to connect, you want to put your own DNA into the picture and connect.
-Vulnerability. Telling someone who you are. Honestly revealing parts of yourself sincerely. The key to animation is sincerity. Step beyond your walls and share as an artist.
- Animation is the ultimate art form. No other art form will challenge you as much as animation can.
- You always want to be restless, I always had one foot out the door at Disney.
- it is important to not hold back and share all you have to your fellow artists. Got to keep giving it out and trust me it'll pour right back in.
- Drawing is about feeling.
- Conveying an emotion of peacefulness is just trying to capture someone living in that moment.
- Eyes are really key to e
:iconeyecager:Eyecager 196 30
Jellal by Eroishi Jellal :iconeroishi:Eroishi 455 36 Here I am waiting by chenbo Here I am waiting :iconchenbo:chenbo 2,633 53 No more believe by chenbo No more believe :iconchenbo:chenbo 877 6 Please don't go by chenbo Please don't go :iconchenbo:chenbo 3,997 106 Away from me by chenbo Away from me :iconchenbo:chenbo 1,583 23 History of Lordaeron by chenbo History of Lordaeron :iconchenbo:chenbo 666 14 FREE Bouncy Shiny 'Eeveelution' Pack by Kattling FREE Bouncy Shiny 'Eeveelution' Pack :iconkattling:Kattling 11,918 1,533 Gijinka Mothim by N1njaG1rlCosplay Gijinka Mothim :iconn1njag1rlcosplay:N1njaG1rlCosplay 22 5


This is mostly me rambling on since I think I've gone insane.
Okay so I am crazy. I am planning to make at a minimal two of Jade Harley's outfits in under a month for this convention. It's the day after move in day so I'll have to take the bus here, and Jade would be the easiest to transport on a bus. The only problem is looking for a wig. I keep looking at her hair and I think it's straight but then it looks wavy in some other pics. I don't want a wig that's curly but I don't want one that is all the same length, I want something kind of layered. Which isn't really working out for me. I found some glasses that look comfortable so I just need to order those.
I kind of want to make her 3AM dress but depending on time and what happens in college I'll probably make that for OhayoCon.

I need new shoes for my Kairi Wisdom Form cosplay since my feet were killing me. They sent me a size too small and my mom convinced me that it would be fine -_-

Rem Tokimiya I might actually get her summer uniform for the next ColossalCon. I would still be hot but at least I would be wearing short sleeves.

Shiina's wig wasn't the best wig in the world. It tangled too much and when we got it you could see through the netting so I'm searching for a new wig for her.

I have no idea when I'll be making Erza since I have no idea where to start with her. I'll need to look up what material would be good to make comfortable armor and actually figure out which form a want to do.

Tifa is not Semi retired anymore. I didn't take her to ColossalCon and I really regretted it on Sunday. It was also a good thing I didn't take her though since I wasn't feeling well and pleather would have made me feel worse.

So yeah, that's basically it for right now. I still have a million other cosplays I want to do but they aren't coming up anytime in the next few months.
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United States
Hello I'm LostHeart-EmtpySoul. Yes I know Empty is misspelled I didn't realize that till like maybe an hour ago XP.

I'm 17 years old and I am obsessed with Kingdom Hearts. I'm into cosplaying now too which is slowly becoming an addiction.

On youtube I am MidnightKairiWolf

Current Residence: Destiny Islands
Favourite genre of music: Screamo, Hard Rock Alternative
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Wallpaper of choice: Sora & Kairi with Tifa&Noctis
Favourite cartoon character: Sora, Noctis, Kairi, Tifa
Personal Quote: "One Sky One Destiny"



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